Gulshan Botnia Different types of Floor Plans

Gulshan Botnia

The Gulshan Botnia Floor consists of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom houses. The 1 bedroom houses of Gulshan Ikebana Green ranges from 1340 to sq feet to 1495 sq feet, whereas the 2 bedroom houses range from 1695 sq ft to 1995 sq ft. The three bedroom houses comprise of living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two toilets. It is a tall 20 tower building consisting of different types of homes.


From the apartment, you can easily get connected to roadways, flyovers, and national highways.

Location floor plan

It is situated near many popular landmarks such as metro railway station, Akshardhama temple, DND flyover and many schools and institutions. You can reach the metro railways station in 20 minutes if you go driving. It is located near many popular landmarks such as Central Park and river.

Floor plan types

The floor plan comprises of 4 types namely A, B, C and D. It also comprises of A1, B1, C1, and D1 houses. The floor type A consists of 1340 sq ft, whereas B consists of 1495 sq ft, the C floor plan type consists of 1695 sq ft. The floor type D consists of 1995 sq ft.


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