About Ajnara Sport City

The villas and the apartments in the Ajnara Sport City are really unique and the architecture is much enriched in rare designs and ideas of home making has been given a new definition with the same. The villas and the apartments within the complex are individual and have their own entry and exits. The terraces are individual for the individual villas and the luxury is there in every nooks and corners of the complex. You are going to lead a comfortable life in these villas with every kind of comfort and modern day living amenities and the elements of better life style are present in abundance in the apartments. The Ajnara Sports City Floor plan is very strategic and spells structural balance and uniqueness in its own way. The plan is very safe and secure and if implemented properly, then can give one of the best places to live in the Greater Noida region. The complex is going to have 2 BHK apartments and three or four BHK villas.

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