ATS Floral Pathways Flats NH-24 Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad has already developed as a smart city with great living standards, health and educational facilities. Along with all these, the career opportunities are at its peak in New Ghaziabad. The Ghaziabad Development Authority has determined a master plan that aims at bringing many residential complexes that are affordable and lie within the budget of the middle class households. The ATS Floral Pathways comes first under the plan where the GDA plans to bring many luxury but affordable housing solutions. ATS Floral Pathways is spread to about 5.3 acres and that is a huge land space that can b tapped for many residential complexes and buildings. The GDA has successfully delivered budget flats to other areas and the current plan is for Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad will soon become a smart zone, The ATS Floral Pathways will soon be tagged as a smart zone with various high quality and luxury apartments and other benefits. A smart zone comprises of healthcare, educational, transportation and lifestyle benefits so as to ensure healthy and happy everyday living. The Ghaziabad already has decent connectivity with the NH-24 Ghaziabad metro station. With the building and complexes construction, the GDA will also look after good transportation facilities so the future residents will not face any issues in travel at any time in a day.

ATS Group to come up with luxury apartments, The ATS Group has been delivering high quality yet budget residential complexes in northern India. They are one of the trusted names that are coming up with properties that will up the budget living standards of people. The ATS Urban Heights is an upcoming project that will change the game and allow high class living to the most modest income families. The Ghaziabad Government has approved of the project and is looking forward to make bookings open for the middle class population. One can conclude that the will soon become a great residential locality with all facilities that will help in a comfortable and happy life. ATS Le Grandiose Resale Price / ATS Pristine Resale Price / ATS Khyber Range Resale Price / ATS Bouquet Resale Price

Invest in Ghaziabad before the time passes out, The GDA has provided the middle-class population with an excellent opportunity to invest in the residential flats that are luxury oriented yet fit in a budget. It Is next to impossible to otherwise find a home in a budget elsewhere. The people must make good use of the chance and make an investment even if they do not wish to relocate to NH-24 Ghaziabad. The property rates will only go higher in the coming years and it would be a source of great profits later. The floor and payment plans are stated elaborately on the official website and one can browse through the plans and make finances ready as the plan to be able to invest when the offers open for public. The ATS Knightsbridge is a high-class apartment that will have all modern and state of the art facilities for the residents.

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