Gaur Yamuna City project— An Ideal Project for Investors!

Gaursons is striving with pride in the competitive real estate sector and has earned a good reputation in the industry by developing top-class residential projects at different parts of Noida and Greater Noida as well. The giant makes a difference in the industry by developing its highly acclaimed residential projects at Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway, and varied sectors of Noida too. Among all the locations, many home seekers have given first preference to the Gaur Yamuna City project most. They are still looking for some affordable apartments, villas, and flats available at the renowned residential projects of Gaur City located at Yamuna Expressway. So, if you are also looking for residential apartments in Gaursons projects, you may find some affordable deals in the same projects located at Yamuna Expressway and get the right investment for the future.

gaur yamuna villas

Gaur Yamuna City project is a well-planned integrated township, which is spread over a wide area of up to 250 acres of land. This project is located on the Yamuna Expressway, which has 6 lanes and its length is 165km. The project location has a highway with flyovers that distributes traffic across Noida and Greater Noida easily. This project is a treat for both home seekers and business freaks, as the whole area of Gaur Yamuna city is equipped with furnished residential buildings, studio apartments, villas, and commercial features like shopping complexes, retail shops, business suits, etc. Thus, the whole area of the Yamuna City is equipped with all required properties and plots for buyers, who are seeking for property for living and business setup as well.

It will be a beneficial deal for buyers to book for property, plot, apartment, villas, shops, etc., in the Gaur Yamuna City project, as its location is well connected with nearby places like NH-24, FNG Expressway, DND Flyover, and highways across Delhi/NCR. Besides, the buyers will also find the location of the project easy to access via road and also give proximity to nearest spots like bus stands, metro stations, hospitals, schools, colleges and corporate offices as well. Thus, the location of the Gaur Yamuna City is good enough for families to live and find all the necessary things for living at a few minutes distance via road.

Gaursons has made Gaur Yamuna City project more appealing for the investors by providing some useful amenities too such as sewage and drainage systems, water treatment plants, ran harvesting systems, garbage collector, solid waste management system, security, etc. Hence, the project location has many attractive features that will surely entice the buyers to book for property or plot on the Yamuna Expressway. Gaur near by project : Gaur Krishn Vilas 


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Gaur Yamuna City Plot— Affordable Plots Offer for Seekers! 

Are you looking for land or plot at Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida? You should check out the best Gaur Yamuna City Plotswhich is a residential plot offer of Gaursons. It is a residential land, which is a perfect option to develop residential apartments. The developer provides plots to the needy people, who do wish to book plots for developing their flats and apartments nearby Yamuna Expressway. The project location is good, as it is located at Yamuna Expressway that gives proximity to all required facilities such as hospital, bus stand, metro station, airport, school, institutes, corporate offices, etc. Besides, the project location is also close to the FNG Expressway, Noida-Greater Noida highway, NH-24, DND flyover, and F1 track as well. Thus, the project site is good for booking plots for developing residential property.  

 gyc plots

Gaur Yamuna City Plots are ideal options to develop their own property in customized style and design. The size of the land or plots may range between 65.0 Sq, ft. to 692.31 Sq. ft. However, it is feasible to develop a spacious apartment or flat on the plots under such range. No matter what you have a small or mid size family, the size of each plot is good enough to develop a furnished property for the whole family and live life king size. So, if you are searching for furnished plots for developing apartments, you should book for plots of desired size in Gaursons plots located at Yamuna Expressway wisely.

 You will also be pleased to find Gaur Yamuna City Plots offer beneficial to invest, as the developer provides some attractive amenities at the project site such as car parking, garden, jogging track, water supply, security, garbage collector, sewage and drainage system, ran harvesting system, water treatment plant, etc. Besides, the project site is lush and is blessed by nature around the corner. Hence, it would be a perfect choice for families to live and develop residential apartments and flats on the plots. It is a ready to move project that enables buyers to get registered plots easily.

The price ranges of Gaur Yamuna City Plots may lie between Rs. 27.0 Lacs to 2.50 Cr.  Hence, the buyers seeking affordable plots near Yamuna Expressway, should not miss out this awesome land offer of Gaursons and grab the opportunity as soon as possible. For more details about the project and its plots specifications, you should visit the website of Gaursons. Gaur  Project: Gaur Platinum Towers Possession : Jul, 2020

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Gaur Yamuna City—- Ultimate Housing Offer for Buyers!

Gaursons is a name of trust and quality in real estate sector since long time. However, the giant is getting immense popularity for its residential and commercial projects in Delhi/NCR. Most of the buyers have admired the housing projects of the giant, which are located on Yamuna Expressway. However, there is great demand seen for Gaur Yamuna City project and people are still looking for the best apartments in this project too. Being located on Yamuna Expressway, this project is perfect enough to live, as the project site gives easy accessibility via road and connects with things like bus stand, airport, metro station, shopping mall, hospital, etc., at certain distances from the site. Also, the project location gives proximity with some places like Indirapuram, NH-24, DND Flyover, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, FNG Expressway, etc. Thus, the project location is good enough to live and get easy access to every corner of Noida and Greater Noida too.

Gaur Yamuna City

Gaur Yamuna City

Gaur Yamuna City is a perfect housing project for home seekers in Delhi/NCR. The project includes magnificently designed apartments under 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK ranges. Every apartment will be furnished and full of housing facilities such as bathrooms, hall, bedrooms, lawn, balcony, kitchen, doors, windows, etc. Moreover, the size of all apartments is also huge and may vary between 92.9 sq. mt. to 193.24 sq. mt. Moreover, the building is made fully robust and earthquake resistant too. Thus, you will find kind size apartments that will be perfect for families of small to mid size to live easily. 

Gaursons has also offered some attractive amenities in Gaur Yamuna City such as landscape garden, kids’ play area, car parking, lift, club house, tennis court, jogging track, water supply, gym, swimming pool, intercom, CCTV, gated security and so on. Moreover, the giant has also offered some more benefits at the project site such as garbage collector, rain harvesting system, water treatment plant, drainage and sewage system, banquet hall, etc. Besides, the project site is lush and has nature around the corner too.

 Gaur Yamuna City is a massive housing project for home buyers. The estimated prices of apartments in this project may lie between Rs. 24.35 Lacs to 2.95 Cr. Thus, the home seekers will have a great opportunity to book for apartments in this affordable and highly furnished project of Gaursons. You can get more details about this project on website of the developer. More Project : Gaur Yamuna City 2nd Park View

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Gaur World Street— Right Choice for Businessmen!

Gaursons is growing rapidly in the real estate industry and has been achieved biggest milestones by developing world-class commercial projects across Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi as well. For instance, Gaur World Street is listed amongst the top-most commercial projects of the Gaursons. This amazing shopping complex is located at Noida Extension that is close to the Gaur Chow and gives easy connectivity with other nearest places like NH-24, FNG Expressway, DND Flyover, etc. Besides, the project location is also close to the hospital, metro station, bus stand, police station, etc. All the places are easy to commute via road and are located at distances of few minutes too. Furthermore, you will find the project site full of greenery and natural vistas to cherish too.


Gaur World Street is an ideal commercial project for business freaks and offers the best office spaces, and retail shops having huge sizes that may lie between 120 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft. Hence, it is easy to start new businesses like restaurant, photo studio, food court, mini theater, salon, etc., in this commercial complex by booking spaces for them. This project is spread over the 100 acres land that also includes some open space for parking too. Thus, the businessmen seeking for good spaces for starting new branches or offices, they will get them easily in this commercial project of Gaursons at affordable prices. This project is still under construction and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Gaursons will also provide some useful amenities in Gaur City Center such as car parking, high speed lifts, proper lightening, good finish, cleaning effect, water supply, four side entry or exit gates, CCTV cameras, gated security, ATM, furnished toilets, etc. You will find all such facilities at the premise of the commercial complex easily. Apart from that, the giant has also made this project’s building robust and earth quake resistant. You will also find good management of water flood situation in rainy season. For this, the site is versed with facilities like drainage and sewage water systems, rain harvesting system, water treatment plant, garbage collector, etc. Hence, these things will also make this project more appealing for business freaks.

The Gaursons has offered all office spaces, retail shops, and other spaces for business in this project at highly reasonable price rates. To know more about Gaur City Center project’s specifications and prices of shops, you should explore website of Gaursons. More Commercial Project : Gaur City Center Retail Space

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ATS Picturesque Reprieves — Perfect Choice to Get Luxury Apartments!

Over the years, ATS Group is growing rapidly in the competitive real estate sector by developing some modernistic residential projects for buyers. For instance, ATS Picturesque Reprieves Master Plan is another newly launched residential project for home seekers. It is located at sector-152, Noida, which is a greenish area and is blessed by nature around the corner. Moreover, the project location is free-from pollution and is perfect to live with family. The project site gives easy connectivity with NH—24, Yamuna Expressway, DND Flyover, FNG Expressway, etc. Besides, the site will also give accessibility with nearest school, college, bus stand, metro station, shopping mall, hospital, etc. Thus, the project location is amazing and provides all required facilities at certain distances from the site.

ATS Picturesque Reprieves

This luxury project offers ultra-modern and luxury range of apartments under 3BHK and 4BHK ranges. All apartments do possess amazing designs and have robust construction as well. Moreover, the developer has also provided with every required housing comfort in each apartment such as bedrooms, kitchen, hall, bathroom, balcony, lawn, door, etc. The size of apartments may vary between 1850 sq. ft. to 3200 sq. ft. Furthermore, the apartments have also made ventilated and full of air too. Thus, the apartments in ATS Picturesque Reprieves have developed precisely and made equipped with all necessary living facilities for families. This residential project covers the area up to 30 acres and its building includes 35 floors and 30 towers as well.

ATS Picturesque Reprieves is an ideal project for people seeking for luxury homes in Noida. This perfect housing project has many attractive amenities such as car parking, garden, club house, badminton hall, gym, swimming pool, jogging track, tennis court, water supply, gym, intercom, lift, Security, CCTV, etc. Furthermore, the project site is versed with more benefits like garbage collector, rain harvesting system, water treatment plant, drainage and sewage systems, etc. One will also find some other facilities at the site like banquet hall, temple, ATM, mini theater, etc., under premise of the project too. Hence, this residential project of ATS group has many useful amenities that will surely inspire the buyers to book for property in it soon.

The buyers will also be pleased to know about prices of luxury apartments in ATS Picturesque Repervies that may start from 87.88 Lacs onwards. For more information about project and its apartments’ specifications as well as prices, you should navigate website of ATS group wisely. ATS More Project : ATS Le Grandiose Phase 2 

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Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview— Grand Housing Project for Buyers!

For buying world-class apartments under the budget at Yamuna Expressway, you should check details of a new project of Gaursons viz. Gaur Yamuna City 16th ParkviewThis awesome residential project is designed precisely and has impressive master plan as well. Moreover, this residential project is located at Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, which is close to the places like airport, bus stand, hospital, metro station, shopping mall, school, college, corporate offices, etc. Besides, you will also find the project site near to the locations like NH-24, DND Flyover, FNG Expressway, Noida Expressway, etc. Also, it is feasible to commute the project site via road from Delhi, Noida and other areas of Greater Noida. Thus, the project location is perfect for living and finding all required things at a few minutes’ distances too.

Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview is a dream project of Gaursons, which offers magnificently designed apartments under 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK ranges. All apartments possess ultra-modern designs and are furnished with all essential hosing facilities such as kitchen, hall, bedrooms, bathrooms, lawn, balcony etc. Apart from that, you will find apartments full of spaces and their sizes may vary between 52.0 sq. mt. to 193.24 sq. mt. Moreover, the size of floor is about 150.05 sq. mt., as well. Besides, the apartments have also made full vasstu compliant and fully ventilated too.

gyc 16 parkviews

Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview is located at the posh area of Yamuna City, which is surrounded with nature and has eco-friendly environment that is good enough to live fresh with family. Moreover, the project site is also impressive as it includes many attractive amenities too such as club house, gym, swimming pool, water supply, garden, car parking, lift, intercom, jogging track, tennis court, CCTV, security, and other sports features too. Besides, you will also be delighted to find some more facilities such as garbage collector, water treatment plant, sewage and drainage facility, rain harvesting system, etc. Thus, you will get so many things in this residential project’s site that will surely leave you spell bound and encourage you to buy property in this project.

Thus, interested home seekers should not be late to book for apartments in Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview, as the Gaursons is offering property in this project at highly reasonable price ranges from 23.35 Lacs to 48.56 Lacs. So, it is high time for buyers to grab the property and make pre-booking as soon as possible. Gaur Township Project : Gaur Yamuna City Price List


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Rise Resort Residences in the Popular Location of Noida NCR

investormart-logoOne of the greatest residential property Rise Resort Residences in the popular location of Noida NCR by one of the greatest real estate farm Rise Group who have many year experiences in the real estate sector. So they have big team with complete knowledge about real estate field. They are well professional, knowledgeable and more experiences. So they deal with every and each clients like a family member and give all the information regarding residential and as commercial property. This property is one of the best properties for those guys who are searching for a luxury villa or independent luxury house at the wonderful location of Delhi NCR. Having the lowest solidity in the region that is around 5 to 7 units per acre with all high class amenities like very good cricket ground developed on concept of New Zealand. All the indoor and outdoor sport have very good seating capacity that is 250+ people, also get the very good club house with temperature adjust in all-weather awesome swimming pool and good covered or open parking capacity area only for guests. Each and every individual villa has its own very good individual personal lift, parking space, very good personal swimming pool, and servant quarters also available here. Also available Personal Golf cart with complete golf facility. This building area is pollution free zone because no polluting car allowed in this property. In this property, you do not get basement concept on lower ground level means this project is actually start with ground level of road which offering you natural light, fresh area and ventilation for the lower ground area of house which is full populated.

Rise Resort Residences Payment Plan property construct or developed by Rise Group who is one of the great real estate company in NCR area, they are delivered many residential or commercial property for you. In this luxury property, you will complete sport facility, security, Bank, ATM, well connectivity with all the ncr location because here public transport available all time and also get the nearby this location hospital, collage, super market and many more facility and amenities. You can best security by Rise group because they install HD quality CCTV camera at all the area of this building and also get 3 tier security guard on main gate. This project has around 72% open area or less than 28 % construct area. This villa type residential property is the best property for buy and invest money. Property in Noida


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Gaur City 4th Avenue Resale – An Investment Which is Worthwhile

Resale apartments are available at Gaur City 4th Avenue if you are looking for properties that suit your convenience. When it comes to credibility there is no better builder than Gaursons who have a number of tasteful residential projects in the NCR. Gaur City developed in two phases in Sector-4, Greater Noida Extension offer 2-4BHK apartments of luxury class at Gaur City 4th Avenue and you are in luck as the projects have apartments that are put up for resale. The Gaur City 4th Avenue resale could prove auspicious for you because it is a comprehensive residential block that is designed to meet every whims of a contemporary family. It has the location right as it is closed associated with NH-24 which will take you to Delhi and Ghaziabad and subsequently to Western UP towns. The expressways within easy reach will open you up to the rest of the NCR, Agra and many other important destinations. The sector 32 City Centre Metro is nearby and the FNG Expressway is within driving distance. Other important landmarks include Sector 62 Metro, Fortis Hospital, Sai Mandhir and Sector 78. This residential complex is going to have a Metro station very close in the near future.


Size of the 2BHK to 4 BHK is configured from 910 sq ft to 1855 sq ft and the price range covering these apartments is between Rs.32 Lac and Rs.82 Lac. The Gaur City 4th Avenue has 6 tall majestic towers housing a total of 616 units and each of these towers has 20 floors. All floors are connected with lifts that can operate with battery power too. Gaur City has great ambience as it has a tremendous open area out of which 75% is developed as natural landscape. On the amenity front Gaur City 4th Avenue supersedes many other contemporary projects and provide residents with clubhouse, swimming pool, yoga nd meditation area, kids play area, senior citizen sit outs, banquet hall, theatre, party lawn, gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, and landscaped garden. It has many lifestyle necessities like shopping, international school and a place of worship inside the campus. Many other Gaur commercial projects comprising Cineplex, shopping mall and retail outlets are located within close proximity. 4th Avenue provides 24 hours power and water and also backup electricity for uninterrupted supply. A state of art firefighting system, car parking, entrance checking, CCTV surveillance, manned security arrangement, RO system, and entrance lobby has been provided. Gaur City 4th Avenue Resale Apartments are available within the above mentioned price range and it will prove to be a worthwhile investment as the property is likely to escalates its value owing to the reputation of the builders. Township Hub : Gaur City


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ATS Nobility – Enjoy exclusive private space @ 2-Apartments per Floor Design

Congesting of life space has people gasping for breath and scampering to the safety of exclusive modern apartments that provide with open air ambience and privacy. Privacy is utmost virtue if you want to live in peace and ATS Nobility Location in Sector 4, Greater Noida West offers that in abundance. You can buy 3BHK apartments with Study filled with luxury features @ Rs. 40 Lac with occupied area of 1675 sq ft. this beautifully conceived apartment block is built in an area of 4.94 acre and it contains 10 tall towers consisting a total of 624 global standard residential units. Each tower contain 32 floors and each floor has two apartments per, thus providing maximum private and breathing space for the residents. ATS Nobility also has great location advantage in the form of Kissan Chowk, an upcoming Metro Station within half a kilometer, 10 minutes to the famed Atta Market and Sector 18, and 15 minutes drive to Kalindi Kunj. Jewar International Airport is fast up-coming while you can reach NH-24 after 20 minutes drive. The luxury residency has many expressways showing the path to Delhi, Ghaziabad, NCR towns and Uttar Pradesh while the famed landmark of the Noida, Akshardham Temple is within easy reach. This RERA registered project is ultra luxurious and is expected to be completed in 2026.

ATS LE Grand

A horde of amenities for residents have been provided to complement the above mentioned features. There is the centrally located club house, in the middle of green facing apartments, amphitheatre, banquet hall, sundeck, meditation and yoga, and giant swimming pool with provisions for adults and kids. Senior sit out areas, pergola, gazebo, water bodies, exquisite horticulture, landscaped garden, jogging track and intertwining walkways embellish the outdoors. Spacious car parking, ever alert property staff, manned security, gated complex and CCTV surveillance ensure safety and convenience. Fast moving lifts, convenient landing areas at towers, intercom connectivity, round the clock water and power supply with power backup, fire fighting system, garbage disposal, rain harvesting, sewage treatment make the complex self sustaining. The Sector 4 prominently provides a number of life style points for catering to the need of the society members and you will enjoy a rich of high-end malls, multi-screen cinemas, famed international schools for children, engineering colleges, business colleges and a number of hospital and life facility points when you are here. High class construction, earth quake resistant qualities and Vaastu compliant design plan has qualified ATS Nobility a much sought after high end residency where you breathe fresh air, enjoy most privacy and bask in all year around sun shine. ATS Near Commercial Project :  ATS Kabana High Price List

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Gaur Yamuna City— A Massive Residential Project for Buyers

Gaursons is ruling in the competitive real estate sector by developing many high-end residential projects for home seekers across Delhi/NCR. Among all the reputed residential projects of Gaursons, many people have admired Gaur Yamuna City, which is located on Yamuna Expressway, Uttar Pradesh. This is a massive residential project for buyers, who want to get fully furnished apartments in 2BHK, 3BHK, and 3BHK ranges under the budget. All apartments have made completely robust and possess elegant designs too. Besides, the developer has provided all required housing benefits in each apartment such as spacious hall, bedrooms, finished kitchen and bathroom, lawn, balcony, etc. It is not over, the apartments have full of ventilation and their sizes may vary between 1000 per sq. ft to 2800 per sq. ft. Besides, the whole building is made earthquake resistant too. Moreover, the project location is also greenish and is surrounded with natural vistas to cherish.


Gaur Yamuna City Yamuna Expressway is a dream project for those, who are wishing to buy property on Yamuna Expressway, NoidaBesides, the project site also gives proximity with nearby places like formula one track, stadium, schools, garden, hospital, police station, shopping mall, etc. Also, the project location is also close to the places like NH-24, DND Flyover, FNG Expressway, and rest parts of Greater Noida as well. All in all, the project location is perfect for families to live and avail all required things and services near to their living places as well.

 Buyers will also be amazed to find some useful amenities at Gaur Yamuna City such as garden, gym, club house, swimming pool, parking, kids’ play area, jogging track, badminton court, water supply, power backup, security, CCTV cameras, etc. Furthermore, the project site is also versed with some useful features like sewage and drainage, rain harvesting, water treatment plant, multiplex, temple, mini theater, cricket ground, etc. Thus, you will find many attractive amenities at the project’s site that will make life easy to survive.

Gaur Yamuna City offers highly furnished apartments at affordable price rates. However, it is a high time for home seekers to book for apartments in their desired ranges and grab opportunity to become owner of a finished property located at Yamuna Expressway. For more details about specifications, designs, and prices of apartments in this project, you should explore official website of Gaursons. Commercial Project : Saviour Lord Krishna Mart 

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