Luxury Villas in Greater Noida and Noida

Planning to buy one of the villas in Greater Noida & Noida? You are not alone. The city sees a huge demand for villas. You could consider one of the residential villas in Electronic City, as it is a good neighbourhood and close to many of the big names in IT, ITeS and retail sectors. Before that, you would need to understand why there is a demand for villas in the city. Here are five of them: Presence of HNIs in Greater Noida & Noida, Greater Noida & Noida is home to a sizeable chunk of people belonging to the ‘HNI’ or ‘high net-worth individual’ category who can afford premium homes. Villas are seen as premium properties, and if you are someone who seeks a lifestyle that is in line with premium living, you are bound to buy a villa. Villas are well-designed with enough thought given for light, ventilation and greenery. They are also typically not match-box type homes, and are large, with three or four bedrooms. Gaur The Islands Location / Gaur Mulberry mansions Location / Gaur city 1st avenue Location / Gaur Platinum Towers Location

Most liveable city’ bringing more expats, Greater Noida & Noida welcomes a large number of expats, thanks to the thriving IT/ITeS and retail companies. The city also has a large number of research and educational institutions of world repute. This means expats coming here seek international standards. Villas in Greater Noida & Noida meet their standards as they are planned with extreme attention to detail and match up with the best in the world. The best amenities, Villa living is all about a good lifestyle and amenities to match. A pool, green terraces, lawns, a gym, an activity area for children are all par for the course if you are looking to buy a villa. Expats, HNIs, young urban professionals all expect these amenities and villas offer them. This justifies the demand for villas in the city.

Exclusivity and far from the dust and grime, Most villas are located in neighbourhoods like Electronic City, which are far from the heart of the city, the noise and the traffic. A majority of professionals look to live in villas that are closer to their workplaces; many even work from home, which means they need a calm and stress-free environment to work in. If you buy one of the residential villas in Electronic City, you get access to just that. Social infrastructure, Developers and builders usually plan villas in neighbourhoods where the social infrastructure is very good. Reputed schools, particularly international ones, colleges, hospitals, parks, restaurants and upmarket entertainment hubs or malls are often used as selling points by builders. And why not? People who want a quality lifestyle seek all these close to home, and therefore veer towards villas. Before buying a villa, check out the location, quality of construction, design and amenities. You are not just investing in a home but a peaceful future.

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